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Research: Rochlitz Discoveries and Creations

Research For Overcoming Food, Chemical (MCS), and Electromagnetic Sensitivities EMFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis, For Longevity, Anti-Aging, Cardiovascular Support, and Rapid Vision Improvement, and Hiatal Hernia/Vagus Nerve Imbalance (1980-Present)

● Rochlitz found amino acid test points (1981)

● Rochlitz created The Candida Balance (1983)

● Rochlitz was the first to accurately discover how all Brain Integration Exercises and Cross-Crawls Work (1984, 5) Note; At the 1985 TFH Conference, Paul and Gail Dennison gave Rochlitz a standing ovation for this discovery. Prof. Rochlitz, with this, and all his disoveries and creations below (the Rochlitz Heart-, Meridian-, and Meta-Integration Exercises), is clearly the world leader on brain integration and related matters.

● Rochlitz discovered the Rochlitz Aldehyde Dyslexia Hypothesis (RADH) for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders linked to the Candida-toxin (acetaldehyde) and formaldehyde (1984)

● Rochlitz created the Rochlitz Heart-Integration Exercises (1985) NOTE: Dr. George Goodheart--the creator of Applied Kinesiology--wrote to, and congratulated, Prof. Rochlitz for this after it was written up in a medical journal.

● Rochlitz created the Rochlitz Meridian-Integration Exercises (1985)

● Rochlitz created the Rochlitz Meta-Integration Exercises (1987) Thee are 3 levels...

● Professor Steven Rochlitz' most recent breakthroughs involve his findings (2002-2015) on the causes of Fatigue and Food, Chemical, EMF Sensitivities, including the Rochlitz breakthroughs on the roles of hiatal hernia/Vagus Nerve Imbalance, Porphyria, Mast Cell Disease and PFO/heart defect.

● Since 1980, Prof. Rochlitz has been one of the pioneers in the fields of Human Ecology, Applied Kinesiology, and cross-crawl. He created whole fields of knowledge with his Heart-Integration, Meridian-Integration and Meta-Integration Exercises. As well, he created methods to rapidly detect the cause and optimum correction scheme for much of chronic or allergy-like illnesses. Since 1983, he's been a leader in hiatal hernia and vagus nerve balancing and their relationship to porphyria.

● Since 2001, Rochlitz has made many original breakthroughs on porphyria and MCAS, including showing how porphyria is the cause of MCAS, and also pyroluria.

● In June, 2018, Professor Rochlitz made a new hypothesis on the causes of Type II Diabetes being due to vagus nerve imbalance and/or hiatal hernia.

● In 2019, Prof. Rochlitz published his findings on how the hiatal hernia may cause pericarditis or inflammation of the cardiac sac.

● Dr. Randall Langston, MD wrote in the foreword to Prof. Rochlitz’ Porphyria book, “Rochlitz’ [methods] are the first to illuminate the entire elephant [of environmental illness] in the darkened room.”

For more information from the author, contact Prof. Rochlitz at rochlitz@wellatlast.com





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