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First are some testimonials for the recent, breakthrough book, Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic and Environmental Illnesses. With Breakthroughs in Diet, Supplements, and Energy Balancing

NOTE: All testimonials are from real people--like you--who have actually read these books. Most are unsolicited.

Testimonials on our other books follow below that--including on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance, Crucial Updates to Porphyria, Allergies and Candida and Supercharge Your Heart in Seconds.

NOTE that testimonials for our book combinations are at the “combo” page

Scroll down to read feedback on what Prof. Rochlitz has done in seminars and private sessions. See also the Guest Book.


Charles Springer, Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court [ret.]: "It is a trail-blazing masterpiece. It's captivating, and wonderful."

Neil Milliken, M.B. [Scotland] “I am very impressed with your two Porphyria books. They are masterpieces... I admire you for your integrity and vision and for trying to help the general health of the population. You are far ahead of our time. I think a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Medicine would well be in order for you.”

Allegra DiMuzio [USA]:"I received your fabulous book... I must say, that in all my life, I have never read anything like this!! Speechless..... Will be reading it over many times. It is brilliant!

Randall Langston M.D. (Env. Med Specialist [Ret.], USA): "A ground-breaking work. Wonderful!" And from his new Foreword to the book, "Prof. Rochlitz has shone the light on the elephant in the darkened room, where so many of us were feeling different parts such as the legs, trunk, and tail, and exclaiming that this is what an elephant is. His careful and extensively researched investigations into porphyria, and the many possible associated conditions, warrant careful and thoughtful consideration..." I find this book to be an important reference guide regarding both the etiology of these conditions, as well as strategies for their treatment and elimination. This book is a must read for the professional and layperson alike.

Saleh Majaj, ND [Jerusalem]: "I started reading your Porphyria book, and I get the feeling like I am standing at the doorstep of a great discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I consider it a wealth and a treasure. Your scientific reasoning is so clear."

Camilla Gordon:"This is the leading health book of the 21st century, bar none."

Jim Ronan [Ireland]: "I am a practicing therapist for over 20 years, and without doubt it is one of the best and most informative books I have ever read. It is truly outstanding."

L. Bailey [S.A.]: "After following your Porphyria book’s recommendations, my reactive hypoglycemia is gone! For the first time in decades, I do not feel like I am about to pass out much of the time. Thank you , Prof Steve. And your 7 book set, that I have bought and read is so far ahead of the field! And I have read many health books for over 30 years. Your books are like getting a holistic health degree from the future! They are worth thousands of dollars."

Brian Elijah, DC [USA]: "Your Porphyria book and your Crucial Updates to Porphyria book are both awesome, amazing and very profound!"

Marina Kovalenko, M.D. [Austria] Your Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause... book is Fantastic!"

Click here to order this breakthrough book.

Pam Yaksich [USA]: “It's fantastic, thanks for all of your hard work.”

Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, PhD, [Canada]: ”What a benefit to the world that you have put this research and discoveries together! Amazing job.”

Enid Staggard [Australia]: "Your book, Porphyria is truly amazing; it's wonderful."

Barbara Babicz, PhD, DHM [USA]: "It is a jewel." [More below]

L. Bailey [S.A.]: “I recall how extremely sensitive I was to EMFs to the extent that I felt a vibration throughout my body especially on my back area, and my heart would also be banging away in my chest, after working on the computer for only a short while and the effects would be with me for the rest of the day and sometimes longer, which was quite disturbing. I felt like I was a hundred years old and was sure my heart would soon fail. RE MCS: Xenobiotics (the smell/fumes from fuel, cigarette smoke, paint, pesticides and even perfume) would affect me and I would have the taste of the substance in my mouth for the rest of the day regardless of what I ate or drank during the day. Since I've been on the recommended diet in your Porphyria book, I am less sensitive to EMFs and xenobiotics. I have my life back. You are a Genius - exceptionally clever and wise. Having read many health books, I have never before come across such a comprehensive, life changing book as “Porphyria”. May your book go on into the future and be recognised by all who are concerned about their health, as one of the most important health books ever written."

Amie Hayston [Australia]: “After 10 years of searching for answers from multiple practitioners with no results, finally here is a book which explains everything I’ve been experiencing. I cannot express how relieved I feel to have found an explanation for my symptoms in the work of Steven Rochlitz. From food addiction, to heat intolerance, to the daily energy rollercoaster and constant toxic feelings in my body…..this book explains it all. The missing piece to my puzzle! I have begun performing the corrections everyday and they are helping to give me more energy and ease my symptoms. I am also looking forward to experiencing advanced testing and balancing to finally uncover the true cause of my illness, and to learn how to get and stay well. For the first time in a long time real wellness feels within my grasp. Thank you Professor Rochlitz. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mae Soszynski, PhD [USA]: "An excellent book, very comprehensive, well written, chock full of detail, with an eye toward the reader, and exceedingly practical for those suffering and searching. Very nice job."

Avigail Halevy [USA]: “Your books are lucid, deep, and revolutionary! I am deeply inspired.”

Neil Nathan, M.D. [USA]: “I have enjoyed your Porphyria book immensely... I view your book as ahead of its time and anticipate using some of its information with many of my patients. Your thoughts about porphyria have greatly expanded my appreciation of that piece and I will be exploring it in more depth now… Kudos for your fine work. I will be purchasing more of your books and encouraging my patients to do the same.”

Sandy Roth, N.D. [USA]: "A great book."

Carol Grohs [USA]: “When your 6 books arrived I felt like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t know which candy to devour first. Your 2 big Porphyria books are amazing, and impressive, and have filled in so many holes in the understanding of chronic illness and MCS… I have read them all now, and I am so pleased to have your books. All your new ideas are so beneficial. I felt better right away after doing some of the energy balancing on myself. You have done great work. Thank you so much.”

Jesus Costas [Spain]: "Your Allergies and Candida book is great, but the new Porphyria book is greater still."

Tim Lundeen [USA]: “I’ve read hundreds of health books, but having read your Porphyria book, the skies have opened up. Your book is revelatory and a truly remarkable work. It’s incredibly helpful for understanding what’s going on with my wife, and might explain much of my Dad’s life as well. A path I had not even suspected, but it fits extremely well. Thank you!”

Michelle Kelson [Australia]: “Your work is truly amazing. Almost everyone nowadays seems to suffer from these illness of some degree and it looks so much like you have the answers. When reading your book my whole body tingled and I got goose bumps. That’s my body’s confirmation that your work is 100% true …You are an amazing man. Your methods of healing will help many. I am incredibly interested in your training in just helping myself and my own family, let alone the rest of the world.

W.B. [USA]: “Your books are amazing! Since so much of your information was new to me I found myself calling a friend or family member, whenever I came across something new in your books! Your books are SO FULL of information - I found the best way for me to digest the information was as a student would - notebook and highlighter in hand. Needless to say, the Porphyria book is full of yellow highlights. I think everyone who suffers from porphyria - or thinks they might have it- should read your books. I just feel that your knowledge is a gift… “

Beth Langer, DC [USA}: “I found your first Porphyria book very helpful for my two children with autism.

Andrew McAfee [EHS Researcher, USA]: “You have done powerful, courageous and groundbreaking work and I believe you have some trendsetting information everyone should have… Your work and information have changed my life. I recommend that people buy all of your books, with the Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause… book being the most imperative if funds are very limited.”

Rafael Rodriguez [USA]: "I have read your Allergies & Candida book and your Porphyria Book. I really think your work is amazing."...I have never seen anyone so flawlessly connect the dots of the ills of our very sick society."

Nancy Herbert [USA}: “I am amazed at the vast amount of information you have written in your book… Every day I do the Vagus Nerve Tapping points and the Respiratory Reflex Trigger points--My energy has increased and my breathing is much much better thanks to you… After following your nightshade advice it took several days but now I can sleep through the night without waking up and taking pain meds. I find your book fascinating and so informative. Keep up the good fight. Thanks for all you do.”

Dorothee Krien, MCS Researcher [Germany]"You helped the MCS community to an enormous degree."

Keith Hoole, MDSc. Doctor of Dentistry [Australia]: "I certainly found your Porphyria book stimulating and informative. It has stimulated me to study Advanced Kinesiology in my retirement. I am ordering your other books… Many thanks for giving me another perspective on health. You are truly inspiring."

Kirsty Weight, EMFS researcher [S. Africa]: "A great, great book. It's absolutely brilliant! Amazing--every sentence is so full of facts. I have been buying books about CFS and MCS for the last twenty years, and now have three bookcases full. After reading Prof. Steve Rochlitz' Porphyria book, I have to say if the proverbial fire broke out and I could save only one, this would be it. I have often wondered how the different proposed causes of CFS/MCS (viruses, bacteria, fungal overgrowth, heavy metal poisoning, toxic exposure) could lead to chronic disease in one person, and not another. And how the resulting syndrome had such similar symptoms (chemical sensitivity, food sensitivity (salicylates, histamine, dairy, protein excess), fatigue, cardiac symptoms, insomnia, "hypoglycemia" , EMF sensitivity etc etc) despite different causes. This book explains brilliantly and in much detail exactly how this probably happens ,and how to address it. It’s written in such a way that it's understandable to the layperson, but with enough scientific detail for those who wish to understand the facts behind the hypothesis. I felt as if I were reading a book with me as specific case study and I have hope for the first time in a long time, armed with a plan to make the necessary changes. I've been doing those trigger points for HHS/VNI, definitely helps. I couldn't put the book down! If I won the lotto, I'd buy tons of them and dispense it here. Prof. Steve, you've opened up a whole new world to me."

Caryn Brady [USA]: "I have this book, as well as having given one to my doctor. It is an excellent book and a good resource if you think you might have this… From my experience, if you are treating for any chronic illness but have any of the symptoms of porphyria, you won't make progress unless you address this first. I was being treated for Lyme and co-infections, as well as the pyroluria for a year and a half and I made little or no progress until I started the diet treatments and other things suggested in this book."

Macey Dunbar [USA]: "Its amazing...I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong for so long! Interesting how I can look back on my life and realize I’ve been intuitively adjusting myself all along...Totally do the ice cream thing. Bless you for making that clear. It’s been a huge struggle my whole life come to find out I’m trying to ameliorate a porphyric response! It’s awesome to be armed with this information. It is so clearly the root of so many perplexing syndromes. I am seriously interested in internship. Bless you Prof. Steve- Really.

Patrice I. [USA]: “My grown son has had severe epilepsy and severe porphyria for years. They even did brain surgery on him as the drugs were not preventing seizures. After reading your Porphyria book and learning and doing the illustrated kinesiology techniques on my son, and following your diet recommendations made during the phone consult, my son is well for the first time in many years. I cried tears of joy, as he is now golfing with his father, and no longer going to the ER or living in the hospital. You book has truly changed his life and mine. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sarrah Bronson PhD [USA]: “Thank you for having written your book on porphyria! It explains so many symptoms that others have not been able to explain... Thank you for your critical contribution to humanity! I look forward to finally feeling better.”

SG [Australia]: "Thank you so much for your wonderful books, I am just so happy that someone understands how I have been feeling for the last 20 years…I have been diagnosed with Pyroluria, and after reading your book I am pretty certain that I have the porphyria, as I have always had chemical allergies, and cannot tolerate any kind of medication, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes or use any perfume. I have had chronic fatigue for 20 years also. I also have been prescribed massive amount of vitamins by an environmental doctor here to cure the pyroluria, and they just managed to make my feet and hands go numb and to feel weaker and poisoned. When I said to the doctor that they were making me sick and that I couldnt tolerate them he said he had never had that reaction before. I asked if it could be to do with my liver detoxification pathways or because I had a lot of mercury in my system. He said No. He put me on DMSA for the mercury which made me so unwell I could not get out of bed. So your books have just been a godsend. I just feel like I have been going around and around in circles my whole life with part of the answer but not that the whole answer. Your books have put it all together!!! I just want to get fully well now not just half well. Thanks once again."

Karen Winter, Dip. HSc. Kin., [Australia]: "Wow! What a brilliant book. Finally someone who has not only explained all my health issues and a lifetime of chronic illness, but has explained all the missing pieces I have been looking for after 20 years of Clinical Practice working with severely ill people with long term chronic illness and severe allergies. I cannot wait to receive further copies of this amazing book, and to get them out to clients, friends, family and other Health Practitioners to spread the word…"

Kim Housley, Medical Technologist, researcher, [USA] "I love this stuff. The CO2 info is great. I love knowing "why" so I can apply it in different areas later. This book tells lots of "whys." Just recently I finally discovered that it is EMFs at grocery store making my 3 yr old stim [autism symptom], and me be so confused. I drop apples and don't know exactly how to pick them up. You're right about the [ineffectual] "allergy elimination." We have gone to a B[_ _ _ _ _] practitioner, but I think I am still seeing reactions. Also noticed you recommend not using these [electrical/computer "testor" hooked up to the person] if we are EMF sensitive--saw James react last time. I've got to learn your stuff and help, "our people." I am thankful for the information, and glad to have a new direction on food and supplements. I am especially excited to try the corrections on James. The conclusion is eye opening. Your book is great."

LN Bailey [S Africa]: "I’m so glad I ordered all of your books. In the past I would go see doctors for various things, they would take tests and find nothing and then they would give me medication which I was invariably allergic to – I felt they were poisoning me - and was told by several doctors that I was an hypochondriac or I had an imaginary disease, so I decided to stop going to doctors and get on with things in my own way. I have managed to get through and survive 30 years doing my own thing, but, there was always that missing link. I had earlier gotten worse from all the diets or supplement protocols I tried; Pall, Cutler, MTHFR, Lyme's/Pyroluia. But now with your information in your books, it will take my “health DIY” to another level. I suspect the missing link to be porphyria.. I was thrilled when I saw the paper quality and binding of your books because I know I will be using them regularly as my ’Health Bible’ for the rest of my life. Your Porphyria book is a ‘GEM’ I has so much information in it; it really is a Masterpiece. I will have to read it again just so I can absorb more of it. Every page is full of useful information, not just on porphyria, but all the other health disorders which are so intertwined with each other. Going through the book I can recognise all sorts of symptoms and your ways to correct it. I would like to see this book become a textbook for student doctors and nurses in the near future—it could relieve a lot of unnecessary suffering. I am 65 years of age and feel healthier and have more energy now than I've had for a very long time after I changed my diet, following the recommendations in your book Porphyria. I found that after I'd read one of your books, I just wanted to start on the next one to see what you have to say about the next subject - you are a kind of health detective - observant and you solve problems. I've read all your seven books books twice now… You have so much information in them, it's amazing. Your work is unique and much appreciated. "

Brian E. Briggs, M.D.[USA]: "The result of reading this book has been for me--and could well be for other doctors and patients—a means for recognizing many puzzling syndromes of ill health. You also have given readers definite ideas and instructions on countering illness, and maintaining good health (if they are committed.) I will recommend your book to patients and friends."

Caroline H. [USA]: "I am so grateful to be able to read these books [Porphyria and Crucial Updates to Porphyria] ....Everything you mention ties together. Too bad every mother hasn't had this education!! Thanks so much...What you write makes SUCH sense when it comes to porphyria and not just willy nilly doing this and that… So, it's coming together. Gee, you have REALLY put a lot into this."

Ruth Parnell ]AUS] "This book is the first of its kind with an holistic/integrative approach to treating this disorder with diet, supplements and energy balancing. Most people know next to nothing about porphyria and may dismiss it as having no relevance for them; but when 20 per cent of the population has this genetic defect, it's advisable to check whether your own chronic health conditions or allergic tendencies are caused by porphyria. Medical practitioners should also take note: they owe it to their patients, whose illnesses they may have misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated without this vital clue. Whether you have issues with food allergies, anxiety, multiple chemical sensitivities, Candida outbreaks, chronic fatigue, thyroid disease, mercury poisoning, addictions, hypertension or Alzheimer's disease, the information in Prof. Rochlitz's guidebook may answer your prayers.""

Emilija Smit Polic [Croatia]:"I would never have known that my autistic son has Porphyria if I hadn’t read it! Prof Rochlitz's work inspired me to do Porphyrin tests which were positive!I can’t wait to learn more from him so I can help my son in his recovery."

Gloria Vivo, Huxley Institute, NY, Communications Director. "The most crucial book yet published on Environmental Illness. Finally, you’ve explained, exactly how this hidden factor causes many people to become chronically ill, or develop environmental allergies to foods, chemicals, EMF, after mercury or other toxic exposure, or after microorganism infection. The porphyria links to hypoglycemia, asthma, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, autism, Buteyko method, and fibromyalgia were also very well explained. The chapters on pyroluria, mast cell disease, Vagus Nerve Imbalance, PFO, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction were tremendous. And your new self-help methods are great."

E.B. [USA]: "It was great to see all those different ideas and associations woven together like that in your book. I just haven't seen anything like that before -- clearly a lifetime of work and experience. Actually, a quite generous amount of information. I know it will serve as a great reference for me."

Andrew Mackay [Australia]: “It’s a great book…Thanks for all your years of work. The trigger points are already helping and the dietary suggestions will help.”

Jackie Myers [USA]: "This is an extraordinary book--filled with so much information that I've not seen before! And it makes sense!"

Ann Cain [USA]: "Great book! I love your book. Format is super."

LS [Australia]: "I lent this book to my daughter who ended up bookmarking it throughout and working out an entire rotation diet regime for the family (also based on blood type 0). My daughter, usually a very positive and happy girl, suffered from glandular fever and Coxsackie virus and tests showed she harboured a protozoa. The effects of his diet advice alone were astonishing as within a week she had lost puffiness and water retention and troubling extraneous nervousness and food cravings. She now has increased intellectual task focus, far less frequent dizzy spells, enhanced ability to do things such as lifting and laying heavy sandstone pavers and digging holes in the ground with a shovel. I was grateful for the new help in the garden. She was able to identify and omit some supplements that clearly were troubling her body and focus in on simple-to-do kinesiology points and energy balancing that she now practices daily, even in the car whilst I'm driving. Professor Rochlitz provided feedback and we could refer to his books including Allergies and Candida. There's nothing like having your kids “sorted” as we say in Australia."

Nursing Professor, Martin Brown, RN [USA]: "Your Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause book, and your Crucial Updates to Porphyria book are truly amazing! They have bridged the gap between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. Thank you.

Barbara Babicz, PhD, DHM [USA]: "Your Porphyria book, as your other books, is capable of influencing many lives in a positive way… It includes exceptionally well addressed causes of chronic and environmental illnesses.

"I’ve found most helpful hints in an exquisite Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction chapter.... The last few pages—with strengthening airway muscles exercises—were the first for me to read and perform.

"This book is like an inspiring companion! And one reading is not enough. It’s written, with precisely accumulated knowledge, for "those with these chronic problems to be able to help themselves." Exceeding your previous books, the Porphyria book covers many aspects of mental/emotional/physical sufferings in today’s technologically advanced—and at the same time, environmentally negative—world. It also includes an exceptionally wide scientific and practical spectrum.

"With this book’s help, we have so much to learn, and utilize. We should follow the verse "God helps those who help themselves," and practice and express our own wisdom as well. “The Holistic Rochlitz Approach with Breakthroughs” gives an abundance of helpful ideas for those with chronic health problems, but everyone being a health detective may benefit as well.

Cheryl Ash [Australia]: “Thank you for your awesome books. I have been fortunate to have 1 week off so was unable to put them down. You are amazing.”

Charles Leonard [USA]: “You do incredible work! This is priceless information. Many thanks.”


Feedback on Crucial Updates to Porphyria

LM Bailey [South Africa]: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Crucial Updates – as always, your books are packed with information. Crucial Updates is evidence that Prof. Steve is totally dedicated to the problems related to Porphyria, Mast Cell Disease, and related problems – he never gives up on research and searching for new developments which the [diagnosed or not] porphyric should take heed of. Crucial Updates [has] plenty of food for thought and is a welcome addition to the already substantial “Porphyria” book, to bring new findings and understanding to us. We, who have been fortunate enough to have discovered Prof.Steve’s unique work, are privileged....[UPDATE for new 2nd Ed. of Crucial Updates to Porphyria]: I've now read your Crucial Updates to Porphyria, 2nd Ed. book and I think your 3 new chapters have elevated this book to another level. I'm so pleased you have touched on chemo/radiation and our toxic environment. So many people are questioning chemo/radiation. Your book is value for money! You need a medal for all these wonderful books you write.” ”

Edward Rosalia [USA]: "Crucial Updates is brilliantly incisive, and insightful for the average layman. I believe everyone should have a copy of all your books as a way to prevent, maintain and cure many of the maladies explained in your books. I believe the future will prove you right and sooner or later mainstream medicine will finally see the truth in your research."

Saleh Majej, ND [Israel]: "The Crucial Updates book is amazing. It is of a different quality than its predecessor, perhaps more concise, a quality that sends the message quicker for today's fast paced life."


Feedback on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance,

Howard Abens, DC [USA] (A former student of Steven Rochlitz): This book is so beneficial in helping to detect and correct problems with vagus nerve, hiatal hernia, diaphragm, trigger points for the lungs and heart, and for sleep apnea and swallowing. It is also helpful in the areas of information about diet and lifestyle changes that are beneficial to overall health. This book uniquely contains the interconnectedness of vagus nerve imbalance, heart problems, sleep apnea, hiatal hernia, breathing difficulties, food allergies, the esophagus, GERD/reflux, anxiety or panic attack, asthma, and even the more recent problems of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and electromagnetic sensitivities (EMFS)…working with all these aspects is so beneficial in helping the patient to live a more normal and healthy life. Thank you, Prof. Rochlitz.

Niki Gratrix, Nutritionist [UK]: Prof. Rochlitz’ work on Vagus Nerve Imbalance and Hiatal Hernia I believe is a fundamental issue in most Chronic Fatigue or M.E. patients…Rochlitz has done groundbreaking research and he has laser insight into the key issues for many of the most difficult cases to treat…”

Lorraine Phillps, D.C. [New Zealand]: "I followed your recommendations for Vagus Nerve Imbalance, and the perceived lump in my throat has diminished substantially, and hopefully will gradually disappear. I am thankful that you have figured out how the Vagus Nerve can be irritated, and how to correct this, and have made this information available.

Melany Collings [Aus.]: "In this book, Prof. Steve Rochlitz has identified, explained and provided corrections to assist the rebalance of what " may be the most common set of complaints in our species". Hiatal Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance enables the reader to explore realms of knowledge that will lead to better health and well being. This book not only identifies the problems, but provides easy DIY methods—which I really appreciate— to relieve many uncomfortable symptoms. - This book is a gem, and it will certainly enable better health and well being for the reader. An added bonus is the author's crucial and strategic approach in addressing sleep apnea--and its connection to hiatal hernia. It's just 'what the doctor should have ordered' but often overlooks."

LN Bailey [S Africa]: “Hiatal Hernia Syndrome / Vagus Nerve Imbalance comes with a blast of information, like no other. The book exhaustively explains everything there is to know about the massive, wandering Vagus Nerve. The book explains that when it’s imbalanced, many health problems can spin off from that, including the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, high blood pressure, several heart problems, anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea, to name just a few. The most amazing part of this masterpiece, is the fact that anyone can rectify the Hiatal Hernia and calm the vagus nerve oneself, just by following the explicit step by step illustrated corrections in Section II of the book. This book is definitely great value for the money!"

Click here to order this breakthrough book.


Feedback on Oscar Pistorius: The Possible Porphyria Factor: A Unique Analysis of the Crime and the Man on Trial

Carl Como, CBS Radio, Orlando, FL [USA]: "An amazing book, a compelling, outstanding and groundbreaking work. I coudn't put it down."

Marianne Jensen [Australia]: “It’s riveting, and a great read. It draws together a myriad of details of events, people, and the possible health related underpinnings of the crime—surrounding the death of Reeva Steenkamp—into a single and timely book for reflection now and for future generations.”

"YR and her Mom [Australia]: “As with all of your books, this is a wonderfully well written and deceptively simple book that conveys how important it is to be informed about one's own health. Very interesting! What an amazing idea you had to analyse this case in the context of illustrating a living human being with possibly undiagnosed Porphyria in the modern world. You're right, this is a new genre of book—we liked it very much. We both admire the way you have approached this case. Your perspective is a unique one and your book is a great credit to your knowledge of Porphyria and your research. A wonderful teaching tool—the world needs more books like this! The insights in your latest (and in fact all of your books) demonstrate clearly the responsibility we must take for our own health. Thank you for writing this book Prof. Steve. Your methodology and the importance you place on getting to the truth of things (that runs through all of your books) is greatly appreciated."

Narelle Groat [Australia]: “I enjoy your easy style of writing and wonderful explanations. What I am enjoying, or rather what I am amazed at, is the exposure of a silent and largely unrecognised physical condition porphyria and its profound effects on our society. To be aware of the extreme impact of a condition gives me a reason to consistently check my clients… What vital information about an [enzyme] imbalance and its dramatic effects on behaviour. I have even started noticing that after my morning cup of coffee I can be a little edgy .... a bit of a problem as I love that cup. Thank you for offering an explanation of a high profile person's dramatic behaviour imbalance to increase my understanding of the effects of an [enzyme] deficit/deficiency on behaviour and emotions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and your amazing insights.”

Edward Rosalia [USA]: "Your excellent book demonstrates a need for wider and more accurate testing for Porphyria, especially in regards to adolescents..."

LN Bailey [S Africa]: "I thoroughly enjoyed your Oscar book. It is extremely interesting and informative--easy to read and understand the genetic problems associated with the much misunderstood disorder, porphyria; and the interesting analysis you have made of what could have happened the night Reeva Steenkamp was gunned down...I also see this book being useful in people grasping Porphyria. Most people do know of the case and you explain porphyria so well and succinctly in this book.


Neil Milliken, M.B. [U.K.]: Your Allergies & Candida book is excellent. Much better medicine than anything I learnt at my very famous medical school!

Sarah Criswell [USA]: “After following the diet and simple balancing techniques in your book, “Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist’s Rapid Solution”, my nose stopped reacting to pollen. Before following your book, I had chronic runny nose, headaches and inflammation. They are all gone now. I ordered all your other books, and am looking forward to reading them. Thank you Prof. Steve for the reprieve from sickness.”

"Your Allergies and Candida, 5th Edition should be recommended for everyone who ever suffered from the book title’s two—addressed, precisely and re-examined—dilemmas. Your books should be recommended for millions of sufferers dissatisfied with any modern, orthodox, pseudoscientific procedures. Self-help H.E.B.S. Heart and Brain Integration Exercises, in the Allergies and Candida book, instantly made a noticeable difference in my energy. By comparison to all other correcting activities I have ever performed, they are the simplest, are not time consuming and most of all quick in noticeable benefits.

"I hope your books with words of healthful wisdom, your scientific approach with outstanding logic and a great clarity of presented issues, all unique and empowering messages of possibilities and hope, will reach many people."

Russell Williams [Australia]: "Allergies and Candida one was the first of your books that I read. It is a very clearly explained wealth of information, that reflects a lifetime of passionate devotion and inquiring mind."

Renee Votta [USA]: "I treasure your Allergies and Candida book!" Allergies and Candida with the Physicist's Rapid Solution is an amazing book and I think it has the "secret" you are looking for. It includes how to test what you may be sensitive to, how Candida and parasites play a very important role in illness, how to avoid and remove the chemicals, food sensitivities. But—and this is the thing that sets him apart from everyone else—he has the simple solution (the Rochlitz Heart and Brain Integration Exercises) that may allow the unwell person, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to actually get well. It's really a fascinating book."

KB [USA]: "I luckily happened upon your book— Allergies and Candida. I was very happy since I am quite interested in modalities that involve energy corrections and applied kinesiology. I like your direct approach, sense of humor and true adherence to the scientific method... Your book inspired me at a crucial moment not to give up hope, that answers are out there somewhere if I continue to persevere. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it so generously.

S.K., PhD [U.K.]: "I have been a Candida sufferer who managed to treat myself in the last 6 months inspired by the methods of your book, Allergies and Candida... Your analytical approach made perfect sense, and I found your work groundbreaking and therefore I am indebted to you for this."


Jim Burkard [Sweden]: "I bought your book, SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEART IN SECONDS a few months ago and began practicing your maestro and meta-maestro exercises ten minutes, twice a day. The results have been astonishing. Not only has my high blood pressure come down and stabilized at a normal level, but I also feel generally good. I seem to be happy all the time. I walk around humming to myself and the inner stress that I used to feel has evaporated. I take things easier, I don’t get irritated like I used to. In fact, small things that used to irritate me now I just kind of laugh them off and fix whatever needs fixing. This sounds like I’m taking some kind of drug but it’s not like that at all. I’m not goofy or lying around on a pink cloud. I’m more active now. I don’t put off things; I just do them, and my mind is clearer and sharper somehow. It’s kind of like having a radio where before there was a lot of static and now the stations are coming in loud and clear. I keep waiting for these exercises to stop working but it just keeps getting better. I would have been perfectly happy with the stabilization of my blood pressure but these added benefits go far beyond my expectations. I am certain these changes are due to your techniques because nothing else has changed in my life during the last few months to account for them. I have been recommending your book to everyone I know... I want to thank you for making this technique available. I can truly say that Supercharge Your Heart has changed my life for the better."

Stephen Limb [U.K.]: "I have bought more than my fair share of "self help books." This one, Supercharge Your Heart in Seconds, is right up at the top, I feel as though these exercises will be with me forever and ..it is quite refreshing to embrace a set of exercises and feel a need to complete the exercises daily. I am very impressed with the difference the exercises have made already - I am 53, have led a less than exemplary lifestyle and have a job that’s very demanding - I have lost 2 stone in a year and I was always on the leanside! I can now cope with my workload thanks to the exercises."

Lisa Golem [USA]: “I just wanted you to know how much I am benefiting from these exercises shown in your book. It really has been nothing short of miraculous. This past episode was so bad that I did not leave the house for three days because I felt so wobbly, nauseous, weak, numb, etc. I delved right into the exercises. As soon as I finished the first one, I decided to go downstairs and write a grocery list, something I had been putting off all week because of nausea and an unsteady hand -- sounds simple, but it was pretty miraculous. After that, I decided to go to the grocery store. Then I decided to have my son over for dinner. I did the exercises again before I went to bed, then again in the morning before walking my dog for an hour in this awful VA heat and humidity. Long story, short, I have diligently done all the exercises about three times per day, and I have had virtually no symptoms. In fact, I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you and I wish you all the best.”

Amy Ang [Singapore]: “…I have high blood pressure lately. After doing the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises illustrated in your book, my blood pressure has improved. Thanks!”

Lorraine Bailey: “I have bouts of both high and low blood pressure. When each occurs, I do your Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises, and they immediately normalize my blood pressure, and then I feel much better too. Thank you so much Prof. Steve.”

Ruth Parnell.[AUS}:SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEART IN SECONDS. Would you like to be healthy into your 90s and beyond, just as so many music conductors have been? What if a few easy exercises could extend your longevity and quality of life? And what is it about conductors that they live long, fruitful lives?...By 1985, Dr Rochlitz had developed the first of his heart–brain integration exercises, incorporating arm and leg movements as well as humming and eye rotations. The testimonials he includes in this updated edition of an earlier book affirm the efficacy of his exercises. This breakthrough mode has been shown to normalise blood pressure, increase stamina and athletic performance, overcome allergies, Candida and even multiple sclerosis, and add years to lives. Dr Rochlitz has apt advice on nutrition to nurture heart and brain health. This is simple, workable information that can effect powerful healing.

C.B. [USA]: "The heart integration exercises are phenomenal. They provide a discernible shift in energy and mental clarity, as well as an overall feeling of well-being. A friend told me that after doing the heart integration exercise, she felt like a different person, and was able to effortlessly complete a task that she simply could not tackle after months and months of trying. I had a similar epiphany. Your "dyslexic heart" theory in itself is pure genius.”

Melany Collings [Australia] "I always like how rich in information your books are but am particularly taken by the structure of this one. I enjoy the maestro/ metaintegration and heart exercises, I find that performing these as well as the gait point each morning provides me with good impetus and seems to have an accumulative affect."

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“This book shows why "avoiding the 20th Century" and "magic bullets"--anti-yeast drugs--do NOT usually lead to wellness. Then the book's "Physicist's Rapid Solution" will show you how to finally attain wellness!”

--Dr. Fred Shull, M.D.

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“For 8 years, I was virtually disabled with Universal Allergies. All previous medical and holistic methods didn't help me. But after a 1-hour session, using the methods in this book , I became totally well and lost all my Allergies. It has lasted now for over 17 years!”

--Ellen Whooley

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

This book is priceless! You will learn how to overcome Allergies & Candida, AND how to correct wright problems, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, learning disorders, fatigue and emotional stress.”

--Dr. Emmanuel Viscussi, M.D.

From the Foreword of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“Without Rochlitz' Methods--which should be taught to all medical students--the body cannot heal itself.”

--Dr. John Wright, M.D.

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“The most up-to-date and complete book on Allergies and Candida. Worth 10 times the price! Thousands have been helped by these unique methods. This book deserves to be a best seller so millions can finally be well.”

--Dr. Harvey Maltz, DDS

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“You could buy a book on Allergies, another on Candida, yet another on Nutrition, and still another on the new Science of Energy Balancing (Applied Kinesiology). OR, you can get much more than that--all in ONE book. This easy to read book with its MANY PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS is a MAJOR TRIUMPH for Physicist/Nutritionist/Kinesiologist Steven Rochlitz, PhD.”

--Dr. Irene Yaychuk, Ph.D., Nutritionist

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“At last, the MISSING LINK has been found! ONLY after using the revolutionary yet simple methods in this book, my patients are all overcoming their chronic health problems very rapidly.”

--Margaret Hewes, R.N.

Reader of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“This landmark book is the first to show that the Ecologically Ill and the dyslexic are often one and the same! The testing and corrections for hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyslexic heart--which causes cold hands and feet and a pale look--are rapid and astounding. Rochlitz' discoveries have brought Science to this field.”

--Ann McAlpin Cain

Summary of Epilogue from The Fourth Edition of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution

“I bought many books on this subject before buying this one and this is the ONE AND ONLY book that led me and my family to good health and to feeling well. For almost 15 years I struggled with debilitating headaches, feeling tired, depression, and all sorts of digestive disorders. About 12 years ago I went to a doctor who identified candida as the problem and prescribed the anti-fungal drug: NYSTATIN. I took it for over an year, for two different time periods, and never got well! It is only with the combination of energy balancing, diet restrictions, and getting rid of parasites (and candida and viruses), all described in this book, that I feel well!

This book has been immensely helpful for my two children! Over the past two years I took my now three and a half year old son to medical doctors, specialists, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and therapists. He had diarrhea all the time and I was really worried. He became allergic to everything he ate and reacted to practically everything in the environment, as well as having several other physical and behavioral problems. He is now well and he is happy (quite a different child) because of Steve Rochlitz and his work in human ecology and kinesiology.

My daughter had been walking for 6 months, but walked very stilted and uncoordinated. This is an example of what kinesiologists call neurological disorganization and is described in the book; in particular, for my daughter, she had an imbalance with her gait reflexes relating to brain integration. The book describes the corrections for all of this (after doing the correction, my daughter began picking up her feet and it was truly amazing and great) and is UNIQUE because the author is the only one to have found that many of the corrections for imbalances are needed because of an ecological imbalance (i.e. parasites, candida, and toxins resulting in impaired digestion and auto immune diseases such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, and allergies).

I ordered the book, read it, and then traveled to see Steve Rochlitz. He does testing and energy balancing using applied kinesiology. Throughout the book the author urges you to take your health into your own hands and the first step to doing that is to order this book! Buy this book and see how it leads you to wellness.”

--Helen Schiller

Epilogue from The Third Edition of Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution. Copyright 1991. Reprinted with the permission of the publisher.

“Thank you for the individual balancing sessions where we went over the corrections from your book . I would like to go over the changes I have experienced since I started doing the corrections from your book, because it is truly remarkable how much better I feel. I see now that years of Nystatin, Ketoconazole, vitamins and caprylic acid hadn't helped me very much.

After my first balancing and teaching session, I experienced two days of detoxification (Herxheimer reaction?) This in itself is quite exciting because it means that my own immune system may have started killing off Candida overgrowth in a natural way. I have never experienced this without taking harsh drugs. I felt much better and felt "clean". I began to notice that my body felt lighter and more supple--not the heavy, weighted feeling I was used to. That night I tried reading in bed. I then noticed that my reading is smoother--I don't stop and start or re-read as much. Had a good dinner including a whole baked potato and was able to eat it without getting an increased heart rate or runny nose! This is amazing!

Monday morning--got to work a little early! Ate an oat bran bagel (yeast leavened) which I haven't had for 3-4 years! I had no strong reaction! Sinuses a little better, clearer. Morning breath a little better. No depression! Mental clarity! A sense of aliveness! I like myself more. The way I would describe the bodily sensation is this: I feel as if a 1/2 inch outer layer of "debris" or "negativity" has been removed from my body! Especially throughout my abdomen and my whole trunk area.

Other major changes have been:

1) Right after the first balancing, I noticed an amazing thing: a complete and normal bowel movement. I said to myself "my intestines are happy". This was not something I had to think hard about--the phrase just came into my mind. If my intestines are doing their job and my bowels are normal and complete lete, then I feel so much better.

2) I lost weight--five pounds! I feel lighter and more trim through my abdomen. Clothing that I had stopped wearing because the waist was too tight now fits again!

3) On my own, I stopped taking a thyroid medication which I had been on for the last three years! A doctor routinely prescribed this medication without doing a formal test, because I had a low body temperature. As a result of the energy balancing, I was able to stop taking the drug. In the past when I tried to stop, I became so lethargic that I would have to go back on. I am truly grateful to be free of that medication!

4) My energy level is constant throughout the day. I no longer have sleep problems after lunch, nor do I "space out" from 3:00 on. I can function throughout the day without tremendous changes in my energy level! This is truly amazing! I am able to be productive throughout the day for the first time in years!

5) Mental clarity and the ability to concentrate are two major areas that are greatly improved. I can absorb information and think clearly for the first time in years! No longer do I have to struggle to "stay with it" and not "space out"! I am much more alert and able to focus on daily activities. For the first time ever, I feel fully present and alive!

6) Food cravings and the desire to overeat have diminished. I do not get severe cravings for oily foods. My stomach does not bloat up as it used to after eating anything!

7) I visited my chiropractor before and after my balancing sessions. The improvement in my condition is remarkable! Prior to the HEBS balancing, I had a long list of imbalances and energy blocks--indications of organs that were over-taxed or not working well. After the balancing, my chiropractor revealed that most of these problems have disappeared!

I am enjoying good health for the first time. I am jogging three times per week and using the energy balancing corrections from your book, particularly the brain integration and heart integration exercises and the ileocecal and Houston valve correction. Unswitching, I think is also a key for me.

I enjoy reading more than ever before and my reading ability has improved. I also enjoy eating good, healthy foods. I am looking into returning to school now that I am able to concentrate and I have the desire to improve my life.

After years of trying many different methods of treatment, I am truly grateful for your discoveries. I am glad you have made these simple yet powerful techniques for becoming well and maintaining good health available through your book. I hope that others will benefit as much as I have."

--Carolyn McKechnie

M.D. witnesses Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises and other Kinesiology for Multiple Sclerosis

In early October of this year, I attended a five day Human Ecology Balancing Sciences workshop taught by Professor Steven Rochlitz. Of the seventy people in attendance, about 30 were medical physicians as I am.

After Rochlitz had demonstrated his Heart Integration Exercise, he had asked for any of the students to bring in someone with Multiple Sclerosis. A physician in attendance, Dr. Med Hans Jurgen Bengel, brought in a middle-aged man who is the owner/chef of a restaurant. He had been diagnosed and treated by orthodox physicians with a continual worsening of this condition. His symptoms manifested primarily on his left side. His left leg showed signs of paralysis. He had a noticeably poor gait-he limped. He complained about burning feet and loss of sensation in both his left leg and arm/hand. His left handshake was considerably weaker than his right. He clearly had problems walking straight ahead. He obviously couldn't run and he was only able to walk (limp) quite slowly. He was first diagnosed with M.S. four years ago.

Rochlitz checked via Kinesiology that his heart hemispheres were not integrated. Rochlitz then had the patient perform his Heart Integration Exercise-with the aid of four students (physicians and others). This only took a few minutes. He was asked to walk again. His limp was now barely perceptible. In fact, he now could easily run and in fact it was a fast run that was itself almost without fault. He then manifested handshakes of equal strength-his left now had the same strength as his right. He reported normal sensation in both his left leg and hand/arm. Further improvements were made with other kinesiological corrections including cranial corrections. After all this- which took less than half an hour-he would not be identifiable by gait, strength, loss of sensation, etc. as someone suffering from M.S.

All this was despite the fact that he has both gold and (mercury) amalgam dental fillings; smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks 10 cups of coffee per day and has not yet had the proper supplemental regimen proposed for him!

I have already verified that the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises do immediately increase stretch (leg abduction, e.g.) and usually warm up cold hands and feet immediately. As a medical physician, I was so impressed that I have traveled to the U.S. to complete Rochlitz' seminars; and I will shortly commence a double-blind study to ascertain if the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises normalize high blood pressure (three other German medical physicians are doing this separately) as Rochlitz has depicted in his landmark book, Why Do Music Conductors Live Into Their 90's?: The Simple Revolutionary Discovery That Can Make You Live Longer, Increase Your Stamina & Stretch, and Normalize your Blood Pressure In Minutes. Now revised as Supercharge Your Heart in Seconds

As a physician, I can heartily recommend my medical colleagues, and others, learn Rochlitz' methods at their earliest opportunities.“

--Dr. Med. Petra Jung

After Heart Integration, Physician Wonders--Is This Two Different People? Caution: Consult your physician about cardiac arrhythmias.

“I went to [a Medically supervised diet/weight loss] Center in Pottsville, PA. Before starting the program, I had to take a physical exam and EKG. After the EKG, but two days prior to the physical exam, my sister Kathryn had me perform the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercises. At the exam, the doctor listened to my heart and looked at the EKG and said, ““It seems like two different people, they don't match up; there's no arrhythmia now.“” He couldn't understand it.“

--Dotty Salinsky

Rochlitz Heart Integration Eliminates Minor Cardiac Arrhythmia

“My sister-in-law, Pauline Searles was taking Inderal for cardiac arrhythmias. She still experienced severe palpitations, and had thoughts of dying. She couldn't sleep well and couldn't remember anything. I showed her how to do the Rochlitz Integration Exercise. A short while later, she no longer had any arrhythmia, her memory and sleep greatly improved. During this time, she gradually weaned herself off the drug. After four years, none of these complaints have come back, and she hasn't been taking any drugs.”

--Kitty Kopey

Rochlitz Heart Integration Warms Up Cold Hands and Feet.

“We have a friend named George who has had a circulatory problem for the past five years. His right hand always seemed colder than his left and would at times seem numb. He tried everything from medical drugs to massage, colonics, and oral chelation to no avail. After studying your Heart Integration, he performed the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercise. Within ten minutes, he reported equal warmth in his right and left hands. This corrected condition remains after one month.”

--John Cosgrove

Blood Pressure Normalized With Rochlitz Heart Integration

“We have a 49 year old, overweight lady with moderate hypertension--160/94 on Dyazide. After one week of performing the Rochlitz Heart Integration Exercise, she is off Dyazide and her blood pressure is 150/88. She performed this exercise while lying down during this first week. After three months of doing this correction, her blood pressure is now 142/82.”

--Janet Mater, R.N.

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