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We only sell a few products--all of which were first personally tested and used by the author with great results.

Hair Mineral Analysis

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Hair Mineral Chart Hair Mineral Analysis

Mercury and other heavy metal toxins can cause almost any health problem. Porphyria can be induced by heavy metals. Mineral deficiencies can also cause many health problems. This is an important test for everyone to do every year or so.

The EPA has said that hair is the most accurate tissue to test for long-term exposure to mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic/heavy metals. Our test comes with an analysis of about 35 toxic and nutritional minerals and a lengthy report (emailed to you) and up to a half hour consultation with the author by phone. It is very important to ascertain if a heavy metal problem exists. Disclaimer: This test is not for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. Please consult your physician for medical diagnosing and treatment. . Available only for readers of my books. NOT Available to New York Fee: $135. includes a lengthy report and graphs and 1/2 hour consult about the results.

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